It is our mission to increase belonging and inner-peace throughout the world and we do this by inviting you to share your story. We share these stories in the books we publish, the podcasts we develop, the programmes we create and the workshops we deliver.

Simply - we are here to inspire humanity

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I wanted to create a publishing house where authors could share their authentic story, express their creativity and inspire millions of people.

—  Sean Patrick, CEO & Founder


sean patrick is an award winning author and the founder of that guys house

about sean

that guy who loves the universe

That Guy's House was born after the self-publishing of Sean Patrick's debut novel That Guy Who Loves The Universe that was based on his popular blog and Facebook page. The book went on to be an Award-Winning Amazon bestseller and attracted a large number of thought leaders to publish their work with That Guy's House. 

Buy the book that started it all here.