1. Grant of Rights

  1. The Author grants to the Publisher the right to publish digital and print first editions version of the book.

  2. If the Author wishes to publish a second or subsequent edition(s) of the book (or the same book in a second language) this will be treated as a new book, therefore;

B1. That Guy’s House will have no rights over this title

B2. The Author will enter into a new contract for publishing this addition should they choose to use That Guy’s House.

B3. The Author is also free to publish a second or subsequent edition(s) of their book with another publisher and is not obliged to publish through That Guy’s House.

  1. Should the Author wish to take the title listed above to another publishing house, after publishing with That Guy’s House a transfer and administration fee of £200 will be payable to That Guy’s House.

  2. Should the Author wish to do a hardback copy of their book, this will come at the extra costs of £350 in addition to the publishing package already purchased.


  1. Copyright & ISBN

  1. The Publisher shall provide the Author with two (2) exclusive That Guy’s House ISBN’s for both paperback and ebook publication.

  2. The Publisher will include copyright information in all eBooks and printed editions indicating that copyright of the book belongs to the Author and is a product of That Guy’s House.


  1. Proofreading and Editorial

  1. The Author will provide the Publisher with a finished version of their manuscript in MS Word that is proofread to a reasonable standard (spell and grammar checked).

  2. The Publisher provides a proofreading and editing service to each author at an extra cost to the Author.

B1.  A Basic Proofreading service will be charged at £50 per 10,000 words, payable additional to the publishing package purchased should the Author prefer this option. This does not include an editorial consultation.

B2. A Developmental Full Edit will be charged at £100 per 10,000 words, payable additional to the publishing package purchased should the Author prefer this option. This does include an editorial consultation.

B3.  Full information about these services are available at the Author's request.

B4. Timescales will be discussed between the Author and the third-party Editor.

  1. The Author is free to pursue external editorial services at their own cost and at no cost to the Publisher.

  2. The Publisher reserves the right to hold off on publishing date until it is deemed that the title is at an excellent standard.


  1. Cover Design 

  1. The Publisher will provide The Author will a graphic design service.

  2. The Author is expected to give their ideas and wishes for the cover and present design suggestions to the design team at this time.

  3. The author is expected to have a clear vision for their book cover or hanf over creative decision to the design team.

  4. A design shall be personally made to suit their requests.

D1. During the design phase, all versions of the design are owned by The Publisher.

D2. Upon publication of the title above, The Publisher relinquishes ownership of the design to The Author to use as they wish.

  1. Should the Author be unhappy with the book cover design they are entitled to three (3) further revisions of the initial concept with our in-house designer.  If the author is still unsatisfied after three design attempts from our in-house graphic designer they are free to pursue other graphic designers at their own cost and at no cost to the Publisher. In this case;

D1. The Publisher has no ownership of the design.

D2. The Publisher is not responsible for any dispute between The Author and Third-Party designers.

D3.The Publisher will not offer any discounts to the package purchase.

D4. The Publisher will ensure that the third-party design meets our high distribution standards

D5. Should the Author wish to work with external graphic designers then the Publisher cannot be responsible for turnaround times and timeframes.

  1. If the Author wishes to propose a new cover concept and stay with our in-house graphic design team this will come at a cost of £200.


  1. Interior Design and Proofs

  1. The Authors work will be drawn-up in Adobe InDesign to meet all design standards necessary for professional publication.

  2. The Author will be sent a proof copy of their book and,

B1. Must approve their final interior files.

B2. Changes made to designs after The Author has approved the design will incur an additional cost of £200.

B3. The Publisher is not responsible for any delays in publishing the title due to changes made, by request of The Author, following the design approval stage.


  1. Royalties, Taxes & Post Publication.

  1. Royalties are paid following the below deductions;

A1. Cost of print

A2. Retailer fee

  1. Depending on the country of sale the retailer (e.g. Amazon) will take between approx. 30% of the retail price.

  2. Post publication, The Publisher offers The Author the option of;

    1. An Author Managed title.

      1. The Author will take all responsibility for their book post production which covers:

        1. The Author receiving 100% of cleared Royalties

        2. The Author conversing with distribution directly

        3. The Author monitoring book sale data

        4. The Author maintaining relevant administration

        5. The Author placing orders for books deliverable to the Author.


  1. A Publisher Managed title.

    1. The Publisher will take all responsibility for the book post production which covers:

      1. The Author receiving 95% of cleared Royalties

      2. The Publisher conversing with distribution directly

      3. The Publisher monitoring book sale data

      4. The Publisher maintaining relevant administration

      5. The Publisher will place book orders on behalf of The Author

      6. The Publisher acting as the first contact for The Author with regards to post production enquiries


  1. The Author will be required to confirm their Post Production option, in writing, via email, to authors@thatguyshouse.com before the title can be submitted to distribution.

  2. The Author reserves the right to transition from a Publisher managed to Author managed title anytime, subject to a title transition fee of £100.

  3. The Publisher is unable to offer the transition from Author managed to Publisher managed titles.

  4. The Author is not an employee of the Publisher and is responsible for paying all of their own taxes to the state and country they are a resident of.

  5. Necessary paperwork (e.g.;W-8BEN) that may be involved for authors residing in various countries and completion of this paperwork is the Authors responsibility.


  1. Print & Author Copies

  1. Title cost price is determined by the length of the title

A1. Costs are set by national and international third party printing companies

A2. Costs are set as standard for all title publication

A3. Costs cannot be discounted by The Publisher

  1. Additional costs for print per order may be payable by The Author should they decide to undertake premium print options. 

  2. The Author is eligible to order copies of their book at cost price and keep 100% of royalties made from the private sales of books.

  3. The Author will give the Publisher twenty-one days (21) notice to process a print run for the Author.

D1. Rush orders are available should the order request fall outside of the twenty-one (21) days notice

D2. Further costs for this option will be payable by The Author, to The Publisher before order can be confirmed by distribution.


  1. Fees & Additional Costs

  1. The overall fee for publication of this title with That Guy’s House is ______________________.

  2. An initial payment of   _____________________   is required to begin the publishing process and this will be non refundable.

    1. This fee will cover ISBN registration, rights to publish and registration with international libraries when appropriate.

    2. Upon acceptance of the deposit two (2) ISBN’s will be allocated to the Author.

  3. For additional payments required, the following payment plan has been agreed:



  1. No book will be published until the entire fee has been paid.


  1. Termination of Contract

  1. The Author shall have the right to terminate this agreement at any time upon written notice to the Publisher and withdraw their book from That Guy’s House. 

A1. The Author is not eligible for any refund after thirty (30) days from the signing of the contract.

A2. Should the Author terminate the contract after sixty (60) days then they will still be liable to pay the entire fee.

  1. The Publisher shall have the right to terminate the agreement, after written notice to Author and first providing Author with ten (10) days to cure, should the Author fail to make the monthly instalment payments.

  2. If the book does not reach adequate standards for publication after 18 months from the date of this agreement, the Publisher reserves the rights to drop the title from That Guy’s House. The Author will not be entitled to a full refund. 

  3. Should the Publisher go out of business or become acquired by another third party organisation then the Author will still retain all rights to their work and have the option to no longer publish their book with the company.



  1. Legal, Warranties, Standards & Indemnification

  1. The Author represents and warrants they are the sole creator of this work and has the authority to enter into this agreement and grant the rights contained herein.

  2. The Author shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Publisher from any legal action resulting from publication of the Work.

  3. The Publisher reserves the right to assess the quality of the work of the Author (in Publisher’s reasonable discretion) and maintains the right to delay publication of the book if the Publisher reasonably deems necessary to meet adequate standards.

  4. This contract is entered into under jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and should any legal matters result from this book they will be handled in the U.K.

  5. Should the Author bring any legal action against the Publisher then any financial  compensation will be capped at the price of this contract (_____________).


  1. Distribution

  1. That Guy’s House will ensure a worldwide distribution of the title named above.

  2. The book will be available online through Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, and other notable book retailers.

  3. Distribution to bookstores is not guaranteed. 

  4. The Author has the following options for distribution:

Option One:  Instant Release: Title available for purchase as soon as the book reaches retail partners

  1.  The Author can expect instant distribution and shipping to the customer directly through Amazon.

  2. All books published through Instant Release will be eligible for Amazon Prime

  3. Option Two: Pre-order Release: A specified date set by the Publisher and Author for when the book is available for purchase

    1. All retailers will advertise title release date with a pre-order option with the use of multiple third-party companies indirect to Amazon.

  4. The Publisher is obligated to ensure that the Author is aware of the following when undertaking option ii;

    1. Use of third-party companies may result in delays in copies of the title in question reaching Amazon and thus being shipped to customers who have purchased their title through Amazon. 

    2. The Publisher may, due to the nature of working with third-party companies, be required to amend release dates in order to compensate for delays through no fault of their own.

    3. Distribution, specifically to Amazon, may take up to thirty (30) days, thus, we ask the Author to allow at least a 30 day pre-order.

    4. Though a pre-order date may be set by the Author and the Publisher, only Amazon (or other retailers) are in control of when the title is listed on their website.

    5. The Publisher will notify the Author when the book is readily distributed and will then allow the Author to begin a pre-order.

    6. That Guy’s House titles are eligible for Amazon Prime, however, ultimately, the retailer is in control of shipping and delivery times which is out of control of the Publisher.

    7. During busier times of the year (Black Friday, Christmas, New Year etc…) Amazon and other retailers will likely take longer to distribute books and this may cause delays for customers.

    8. Rush Service is deactivated by our distributors from approx. November 1st – January 15th due to extreme demand on shipping during this period resulting in books taking longer to reach our retail partners (including Amazon).

E. The Author will be required to confirm their distribution preference, in writing, via email, to authors@thatguyshouse.com before the title can be submitted to distribution.



  1. Expanded Distribution

  1. Should the Publisher and Author both wish to carry out a print run of books for wholesale supply then they will equally divide any costs related to an initial print run of a minimum of 1500 books. Thus, the Publisher and Author will equally split the profits generated from these sales.

  2. Should the author fully fund the print run of a minimum of 1500 books then they will receive 100% of the profits.



  1. Sales Reporting

  1. Sales Figures cannot be accurately reported until 60 days after the books release date.

  2. Authors may ask for a rough estimate of sales figures during the pre-order or first 60 days, however, the Publisher is under no obligation to provide this information as it may not yet be available from the distribution channels.

  3. The Publisher guarantees complete transparency and will send the Author sales report directly from the distribution channels.  


  1. Coaching & Mentoring

  1. Coaching and Mentoring is offered as part of a number of packages offered by the Publisher

  2. Not all packages will cover this service.

  3. Should the Author wish to receive coaching and mentoring as part of the process, additional to the package purchased an additional cost of £100 p/hr is payable to the Publisher prior to the session taking place.

  4. All Authors, of all packages, can expect support during the process, via email with the Author Relations Team at authors@thatguyshouse.com


  1. Marketing

  1. The Publisher is not the sole marketer of the book.

  2. The Publisher expects the Author to market, promote and advertise their work.

  3. The Publisher will maximize current PR relations for the Author but does not guarantee any publicity.

  4. Mutual author support will be available from the other That Guy’s House Authors including the writing of endorsements, marketing support, guest podcast appearances and guest blogging opportunities, however, no author is obliged to offer their support or help.

  5. The Publisher will assist with testimonials and publicity from credible sources.


  1. Timescales

  1. Upon signing the contract the Author has eighteen (18) months to submit a completed manuscript.

  2. A release date for the book will be set no less than three (3) months after the author has submitted a fully proofed manuscript.

  3. The Publisher expects the Author to be respectful of time and boundaries and allow for adequate timescales to be put in place for manuscript changes, cover design, editorial and distribution.

  4. The Author is entering into an eighteen (18) month contract with the Publisher and does not receive lifetime access to benefits and programmes the Publisher offers.


  1. Working Relationship and Representation 

  1. At That Guy’s House we foster professional relationships based on mutual respect.

  2. The Publisher reserves the right to review, and possibly terminate, contracts with any Author who does not represent our values and ethos.

  3. We are obligated to ensure that any contractor or third-party colleague are able to work within a safe and nurturing environment, as part of our duty of care.


  1. Contact and Office Hours

  1. That Guy’s House operates office hours between 9AM – 6PM GMT (Monday - Friday)

  2. That Guy’s House is a U.K. based company and we ask the Author to be respectful of U.K. office hours.

  3. That Guy’s House is committed to answering all emails received within 72 working hours.

  4. The Author will have access to That Guy’s House by both email and phone however, phone calls will only be taken if a time has been scheduled to speak.

  5. Authors are expected to make contact with the Publisher, by email, in the first instance at authors@thatguyshouse.com.


17. Privacy Policy and GDPR

  1. Copies of policies can be found at www.thatguyshouse.com or upon request at authors@thatguyshouse.com.





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