Why the Pineapple?

If you find yourself in a new home, trendy hotel or old inn then you will likely find an image of a pineapple somewhere close by.

But why?


Pineapples are the universal symbol of

Welcoming, Friendship & Hospitality.

All qualities that That Guy's House holds close to its heart.

But that's not all.

Brief history lesson; when imperial travellers would go to remote islands, they discovered that natives who hung a pineapple on their front door were those who were willing to welcome them and thus...

The pineapple became a symbol of hospitality,

human warmth and celebration.

Furthermore, after being a fruit that we eat...

Pineapples are commonly used as Door knockers and Bookends.

I mean, how perfect?

And finally...

The pineapple is also a popular Feng Sui symbol of prosperity,

due to the Chinese words for pineapple & good luck being identical.

Oh and not to mention...

A pineapple is the international party fruit

And there ain't no party like a That Guy's House party.

So, you see, there is actually no more of a fitting logo.

Long live the pineapple!