Kimberly Roberts signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House

Kimberly Roberts has signed a publishing deal with That Guys House for her debut title.

Kimberly is a writer, traveler, business consultant and self proclaimed 'old soul'. She currently resides in Dahab, Egypt where she continues to write her newspaper column for the Parke County Sentinel.

Kimberly is using her experience as both an avid traveler and travel writer as the basis for her book, sharing wisdom from her life on the road as well as her inner journeys. Kimberly is fusing together the perfect travel memoir sprinkled with important life tips. Think Eat, Pray, Love meets Brendon Burchard.

Through research and lived experience, Kimberlys work is grounded in giving yourself permission to live the life you want to live and makes it her life's work to continue to uncover the barriers we have to doing this.

There is also much fate in play when it comes to this book coming to be. Kimberly believes that her journey to signing her book deal with That Guy's House was designed by the Universe and we couldn't agree more! After hearing our founder, Sean Patrick, on a radio show she pursued having her book published with us under the guidance of one of our trusted mentors, however, as fate would have it, the cards fell that she would be working with Sean directly.

Work on this title began in early 2019 and a release date is yet to be set.

As a world traveler, Kimberly plans to take this book across the globe to all of her communities so stay tuned for her epic book tour in 2020.

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