Kelly McCabe signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House

Kelly McCabe has signed a Publishing Deal with That Guy's House for her debut fiction title Something Between Us. Kelly is the recipient of the singular annual publishing contract That Guy's House grants for fiction titles and we are beyond thrilled to be working with her on this book.

Kelly is a fiction author, soon-to-be Wife and a huge animal lover. She is passionate about books and great storytellers. Kelly says that she often finds herself lost in her fictional world. Furthermore, Kelly lives with POTS and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a diagnosis she used to shy away from but now she embraces it and has a mission to raise awareness and help others believe that they can live their dreams.

Something Between Us is a forbidden romance story mixed with drama and fun. We meet the protagonist, Holly Nelson, when she arrives at a crossroads proving that her life is definitely not straightforward. The ups and downs of her life combined with an off-limits office love interest sets into motion a series of events that will keep any reader hooked.

Though the book is not overtly spiritual, spirituality is not something that Kelly shies away from in her personal life and in fact, Kelly says that spirituality found her when she needed it most and that she wouldn’t be where she is today if it didn’t.

Kelly says, 'I am eternally grateful to be held by the Universe as are we all and always remember sparkle so bright you need sunglasses'.

You see, she is our type of girl.

Keep up-to-date with Kelly on all of her social media channels and get ready for the ride of your life when her book hits the stores. No release date has yet been set.