Jodi Lewis signs book deal with That Guy’s House

Jodi Lewis has signed a book publishing deal with That Guy’s House for her debut title, From Mud To Lotus.

Jodi Lewis signs book deal with That Guy's House - inspirational book publishing.

From Mud To Lotus will detail Jodi’s experiences with her spiritual puberty since her marriage ended in late 2012.

Jodi says: “I’ve always loved writing… The past couple of months, I kept seeing signs that were telling me to just write a book. I’m a big believer in my Spirit Team, so here we are”.

On working with That Guy’s House, Jodi says: “I’m so excited and know the Universe is running its hands together with glee that we are working together”.

About Jodi

Jodi Lewis is business owner, single mother to two daughters, Goddess, lover of coffee, f-bombs, that’s what she said jokes, and spiritual bad-assery. Her purpose is to love as authentically as she can, and to encourage others to do the same.

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