Iona Russell Signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House

Coach Iona Russell has signed a book deal with That Guy’s House.

Through her debut title, “Holding Space”, Iona aims to help people live the life they have always dreamed of. Part memoir and part spiritual practice; the book details Iona’s journey from struggling with mental health to becoming self-aware and full of spirituality. It provides practical tips that will help people navigate their stress.

Iona says “I tried to fill my void with self-sabotaging behaviours, in my personal and professional life. The lowest point was sitting up in bed crying one night in 2012, feeling desperate and knowing I needed to change something… I just didn’t know what.

“Thankfully, through trial and error, I found my innate wellbeing, health, and happiness. I want to share it with others so they too can try to get their happy back.”

Often referred to by clients as a “wizard who does magic without the illusions”, Iona dedicates her life to helping others improve theirs through her businesses as a holistic happiness and soul-fulfilment coach. She has helped hundreds of clients across the globe solve their problems, such as shifting their energetic blocks, transforming their negative beliefs and tackling self-sabotaging behaviours, such as binge eating, lack of confidence and depression.

She says “My core philosophy is that no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your personal circumstances are, it is possible to reinvent yourself from the inside out and live your very best life.

That Guy’s House are thrilled to be working with Iona, and know that she will bring her skills and experience as a coach and clinical hypnotherapist to give a fresh new perspective to self-care and wellbeing.

Iona says “I chose to work with That Guy’s House because they are an independent publishing house who feel like family. They give you the freedom to create the book you’ve envisioned and the support to make it happen. I can’t imagine going with anyone else. Sean is an inspiration by setting up That Guy’s House and giving us all an amazing platform to publish from”.

“Holding Space” is set to be released Summer 2019.