Glen Hong signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House

Updated: Feb 27

Glen Hong is a new thought leader, clinical psychologist and professor who has devoted his life to helping others live their best lives.  He is a clinical expert in treating depression and anxiety which he has done for over 20 years and has taught numerous future clinicians in a University setting, as well as publishing a national clinical textbook that is used in both the undergraduate and graduate settings throughout the United States.

Glen is also the Department Chair and Director of Field Education at Whittier College for the school of Social Work., a life coach and a clinical psychologist working in a private practice setting. He has worked at California State University, Fullerton as a Mental Health Crisis Counsellor providing crisis services to all students on the campus and has served as a mental health consultant throughout Los Angeles County dispatching crisis evaluators to assess suicide risks. Glen has experience working with the chronically and severely mentally ill, at-risk youth, the Latino, African American, and Asian American communities, as well as all socioeconomic populations within the multi-cultural area of Los Angeles. 

"The ultimate key to healing your depression and anxiety is not through your mind, but through regulating and retraining your own nervous system.  This revolutionary book will help you to use your own nervous system to heal depression and anxiety, and to ultimately evolve beyond your own ego.  By reading and implementing the daily six practices that this book is asking you to do, you will experience your own ego evolution by:

1. Greatly reducing your depression and anxiety symptoms

2. Regulating your own nervous system using a bottom up approach that focuses less on your thoughts and more on your own biology

3. Learning how to be your own therapist and spiritual guide in everyday situations 

4. Understanding how to use your own ego to guide you and to ultimately be led to your truest passions

5. Coming to terms with the areas of your life that have been holding you back and using them as a spring board to your own success

6. Understanding that all external ways that you have sought peace and happiness do not work, and that ultimately, every answer that you are searching for in your life is within you"

- Glen Hong   

That Guy's House is thrilled to be working with Glen and can't wait to see him help everyone start living their best lives!

Welcome aboard, Glen!