Emily Syring signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House

Emily Syring has signed a publishing deal with That Guy's House for her debut title Stop it, Your Ego is Showing

Emily Syring is a US-based creative entrepreneur, writer, and blogger who is passionate about encouraging women to push past their inner dialog and show up as their best selves. After over 25 years of living in her own mind and being fed up with old stories, she uses her own experiences to share what life can be like once you give yourself permission to live a life you could only dream about.

Emily came to learn about That Guy's House through fellow author Emma Mumford who will be her mentor through the entire writing process.

Emily's book, Stop it, Your Ego is Showing takes a deep dive into the world of our inner dialogs and how to quiet your ego mind to allow your intuition to speak up. She uses her own experiences, research, and simple analogies to make our inner thoughts less complicated. After years of trying to live from the outside in, Emily believes living your best life starts from the inside out and that is what her book, Stop it, Your Ego is Showing is all about.

That Guy's House is thrilled to be working with Emily and believe that she will create an incredible book. The book is scheduled for release in Summer 2020.

Stay in touch with Emily on instagram @emily.anne33.