Claudia Feuerstake signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House

Claudia’s attempt at suicide failed when she was eight-teen years old. After that she thought, there has got to be more to life then the pain she was feeling. It was then she decided to dedicate her life to personal development work. That path led her to becoming a spiritual leader transforming the lives of children, teens and parents. After 26 years of dedicated service to others, which included speaking events, retreats, courses, classes, and coaching, she decided to share her knowledge with the world. She believes having a solid foundation is critical to living a fulfilling life and is ready to give the children of today exactly what she needed as a child growing up. Claudia lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her son Jenson and her three little fur babies, Sophie, Mini and Madison.  

With vivid illustrations, Claudia's book My Own Unique Self shows the power of your own energy and how to not allow the fearful thoughts of other people to influence it. My Own Unique Self is inspiring, powerful, insightful and shares a way for children to be courageous in who they are by being loving. 

That Guy's House is thrilled to be working with Claudia and is looking forward to seeing her her words inspire others to be more courageous.

Welcome aboard, Claudia!