Becci Galloway signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House

Becci Galloway has signed a Publishing Deal with That Guy's House for her debut title Once Upon A Real Life.

Becci's upcoming title is a raw and candid look at the rough road to spiritual enlightenment, showcasing that whatever background or history you come from that you can find your spiritual connection and live your best life.

That Guy's House met Becci at the Spiritual Queen Summit 2019 (hosted by That Guy's House author Emma Mumford) earlier this year and began conversations with her about her own book project that she has already began. The instant synergy between That Guy's House and Becci Galloway meant that a book deal was quickly in the works and ork began on her title instantly.

Becci's bio is extensive and deep, in her own words...

I am a psychic medium, intuitive advisor and my passion is helping others understand their real worth and reigniting the light inside them ready to face each day with more ease, excitement, strength and a stronger sense of their intuition. I love the feeling of connecting people with their loved ones in spirit and in turn giving them belief in not only spirit and the idea that there is more to life than what we see with two eyes and touch with two hands but empowering themselves to look for the signs from spirit and trust their intuitive nudges and signs from their loved ones and guides to help them through life’s ups and downs. I have most recently begun helping adolescents that have attached fear to their spiritual signs and have come to me through their parents not knowing how to help or understand them and it’s my job to detach the fear and help them regain control and again trust themselves above all. My aim in life is to help as many people as possible to learn to sense spirit around them so they start to trust themselves and their spirit team to guide them to what they desire and to fulfil their full potential, whatever that may be. I love seeing people succeed and to help them help themselves brings me joy.

Above all of this I am a mum of four wonderful children and a step mum to the most incredible step daughter. Life is real, life can be tough but if we can learn to use our intuition to guide us we will find happiness around every corner.

Once upon a real life is a nonfiction book that aims to help anyone that is going through a spiritual awakening, anyone that has been in a domestic violence situation, any one that is a young Mum (or Mum at all), or anyone who has ever been though hard times in life.

This book is for pretty much every other person.

Each chapter tells a story of my experiences and then how each experience taught me something about myself, even the hard times and how I made changes happen.

It is a self-developmental, motivational and inspiring book about a girl who came from an upper-class family, always sensing spirit as a child until finally as a teenager the ‘spirit’ of this girl was dulled down and she ended up feeling lost and alone. Her closest family turned against her, she became a rebellious teenager and sought acceptance and love in all the wrong ways. By 16 she was in an extremely violent relationship with a man 6 years her senior and fell pregnant at 18. This relationship would be the breaking and making of her and it’s during this relationship she would meet people that would reignite her soul and spirit and reawaken her to her lost “imaginary” friend Frankie.

The harsh reality of real life, of leaving a frightening and dangerous man, finding her knight in shining armour, becoming a mother of four and then becoming a psychic medium. How in just 34 years this little girl grew up to destroy herself and then rebuild her soul.

That Guy's House are extremely enjoying working with Becci and are thrilled to see the masterpiece that she creates.

Here's to all of our real lives....