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Balvir Bhullar signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House

Balvir Bhullar is a writer and overzealous amateur photographer. She has always loved

telling stories since she was a child. She feels that they have the power to transport us into

other worlds, spark our imagination, and ultimately teach us that anything is possible if we

just try.

'Demon World' : Transcendence is a Paranormal romance. At the forefront, it is about one

woman’s exploration of her identity: Rowan learns that in facing the worst things that life can

throw at her, she can truly discover herself. Though death by its very nature can mean the

end, for this protagonist, it is actually the beginning of her second life where she is

transformed beyond what her mind could ever have conceived.

Sometimes you may think you have the perfect life, but it can be maya (an illusion). Rowan

discovers that the life she has carefully planned for herself has actually no room to grow

emotionally or physically. She is forced to re-examine her life choices and discover what she

truly desires.

That Guy's House is thrilled to be working with Balvir and look forward for her story to reach many people around the globe.

Welcome aboard, Balvir!