Natural Magic

for the

Modern Goddess


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Lisa Melbourne is a holistic therapist, spiritual coach and writer living in Lincoln, United Kingdom, with her husband and two young daughters. After joining the Royal Air Force, Lisa specialised as a Medic where she would train to not only look after the physical health of her fellow Airman and Airwomen, but also their mental wellbeing. Having seen active service in Afghanistan while deployed as part of the UK's Aeromed medical evacuation team, Lisa was witness to the devastating physical and psychological injuries that were being sustained by young service men and women. Lisa left the Military after five years' service to raise her family, and use her past experiences, and a sense of holistic care to begin a new career as a Clinical Aroma-Reflexologist. It is through her work with her clients over the past 8 years, as well as her own personal journey through mindful and spiritual health, that the inspiration came to write and share Natural Magic for the Modern Goddess.


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