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We are immensely passionate about positive psychology

It is both our passion and mission to explore new and innovative ideas about positive psychology and positive mental health. Through our workshops, books and online content That Guy's House is dedicated to being a pioneer in this field. Not only do we do this by conducting research in the field of Positive Psychology, Flourishing, Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence (see below) but by executing this knowledge through our content to inspire the masses to live an incredible life with resilience, courage and peace.  



we like to

do things differently

than other


That Guy's House is creating a Global Community of transformational authors.  We stand for Community, Authenticity & Love. 

At That Guy's House we are ridiculously enthusiastic about rocking the world of well-being. By being a forward-thinking, innovative wellness company we are dedicated to producing world-class content to help individuals realise that they can be happy, fulfilled and live a life filled with positivity and joy.