Eleni Anastos, a dedicated educator, never expected to be fighting for her life from an attack at the hands of students.  At 51, this is how her career ended, and with it, the life she had built. Not her life’s first tragedy, but it was the catalyst for her reinvention.  


Eleni Anastos has made it her mission to help people regardless of age and circumstance, to get fired up about their future.  The lessons learned by overcoming obstacles and challenges can become survival guides for others.


Eleni Anastos is a Business Strategist and Prosperity Coach who helps entrepreneurs and C-Suite executives bust through money and mindset blocks.  

Eleni is often sought as a featured guest expert on National TV, Podcasts and Streaming Networks.

On the plus side of 60, Eleni still asks “Who says?” of life’s conformities.  Spend time with her, and you’ll believe in a life outside the lines too!



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