Editing Services 


In collaboration with the Liverpool Editing Company, That Guy's House offers world-class editing and proofreading services for book manuscripts.  


We offer both; 


Collaborative Editing 



If you feel as though you’re ready to publish, but are fretting over Amazon’s rigorous spelling and punctuation checks, our Proofreading service is the ideal solution.


The service would particularly suit memoir writers, writing groups looking to publish an anthology or a collection, or authors wanting to publish to immediate positive reviews.


How do we help?

✔ Punctuation errors

✔ Grammar errors

✔ Consistency of tense

Subject–verb agreement

✔ Capitalisation and hyphenation errors

✔ Dialogue punctuation


You receive: The edited manuscript, with tracked changes that you can accept or reject, along with a page of general feedback on your overall work.


Cost: £100 flat fee for work up to 20,000 words; £5 per 1,000 words for 20,000+




Collaborative Editing 


If you’ve finished your first draft, or you’re a few drafts in and just need someone to check that it all makes sense before you send it off to an agent/publisher or self-publish, this is the editing service for you. We know how easy it is to lose the plot in the midst of writing a novel, which is why we’ve designed a package to help authors take a step back and see the forest for the trees. Most agents and publishers will expect any manuscript to have been through at least one round of rigorous editing before submission, and we’ll make sure that yours matches industry standards of spelling, grammar and punctuation, while also guiding you through any lingering plot issues.


How do we help?


Writing style, plot, structure, characterisation, POV, flow and pace
✔ Sentence and paragraph structure
✔ All proofreading checks are automatically included in this service
✔ Mid-edit and post-edit consultations to discuss the changes


You receive: Two rounds of editing. The first edit concentrates on writing style, plot direction and narrative structure, characterisation, point of view, flow and pacing. We then return the manuscript ahead of a second consultation to discuss our initial feedback in-depth. The second round includes another full edit, along with a comprehensive proofread and a complementary analysis document, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the piece, and also addressing any other issues that may require attention. Finally, we’ll have a one-hour post-edit consultation to discuss the project as a whole, and answer any further questions you may have.rections.

Cost: £200 flat fee for work up to 20,000 words; £10 per 1000 words for 20,000+

For example, a novel of 80,000 words would cost less than £70 p/m over 12 months